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Plone4ArtistsCalendar 1.1 will bring Plone 3 support and improved timezone handling.

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natea 13 years ago link

Thanks for Lennart’s efforts, I’m pleased to announce this 1.1b1 release which is the first version compatible with Plone 3.0. Please download and try it out and report any bugs.

lupazurven 13 years ago link

Great work Nate, as ever. Keep it up, for everyone’s sake. +lupa+

grahamperrin 13 years ago link

Great! I’ll download.

I would have donated far sooner, if the need had been known.… suggests an improvement to the Plone web site, to accommodate pledge mechanisms such as this.

Best, Graham

natea 13 years ago link

Thanks to the hard work of Lennart Regebro, we have now released the 1.1 final version of Plone4ArtistsCalendar. You can download here, on, or get the eggs on the Python cheeseshop.

Thanks everyone for your support! Nate

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