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A simplified logged-in user experience for naive users for a community portal based on plone.

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garyalex 16 years ago * link

Potential developers: Diss Connected is a social project that I am so committed to that I am making this pledge out of my retirement lump sum. So please, give your charity rates, not your corporate rates.

I also think this will be of general benefit to many Plone projects.

I hope you may appreciate the social vision behind Diss Connected and my personal vision for the future.

solex 16 years ago link


I’m currently not quite sure about benefit to other Plone projects. As for now I am not sure whether I’ll be able to create something very reusable here. I believe developers’ first goal is to simplify user experience on your site, right? Anyway, I’ll try to make the final solution as much reusable as possible (if I will be selected for this project, of course)

garyalex 16 years ago link

Hi Solex and anyone else interested.

We are about to move to Plone 3, so will wait until then to get started.

We are looking for Plone developers who are willing to work on this and other related stuff.

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