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microPledge 17 years ago * link

Hmmm. As microPledge, it sure is tempting to donate a whole stack to this project ourselves, just to make it look good … but we’ll resist ;-)

tursiops 17 years ago link

It seems that the HTML widget has already been done on this project:… For the rest can we pledge for a the development of a particular feature? I would be interested in another copyrith option. Add the cc (creative commons) option when creating a project. Will it be possible? And it seems the RSS feeds also has been developt as it’s on the right menu bar. So it just leaves the unicode support, is that been coded too?


Berwyn 17 years ago link

Ah yes. You are correct. We’ve done both the widgets and the RSS feeds but not unicode. We’ll update these project details now to list a few new feature requests. Thanks for pointing this out.

Feel free to simply create a project with your requests and pledge to it. If the pledge gets high enough or we think it is worth while, we’ll quote and develop it for you.

tursiops 17 years ago link

That has been done. It’s now on to… Nice new features you have there. I might be interested in supporting the developer API to identify your pledgers.

Berwyn 17 years ago link

Thank you! I guess we should see if anyone else wants that API idea before we post it as a project on its own.

tursiops 16 years ago link

I’m really interested in your developer API to identify your pledgers so you can give them privileges on your own website. So here is a little donation to help this project.

Ben 16 years ago link

Cheers, tursiops. Actually, we’ve recently been thinking about that kind of identification via microPledge, and I have some ideas for that would benefit from such an API. And with your recent donation, that’s further motivation. :-) Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

Berwyn 16 years ago link

To update this thread, the microPledge API to give your pledgers privileges has now be implemented. It’s nice ‘n’ easy to use.

rnc000 16 years ago link

the whole concept and process that projects may go through is too complicated!

Berwyn 16 years ago * link

Point taken, rnc000. And we agree. Over time we’ll be working on improvements to make the complicated parts optional or something.

perry 16 years ago * link

60$ donated to make it easier to get and use data read-outs from microPledge projects to external sites through projects like Joomla microPledge Widgets Module for Joomla and other CMS systems when they get modules/plugins/components/blocks for the same.

Bryan 16 years ago link

Thanks, Perry.

For everyone’s reference, Perry’s requested feature is now operational. Visit the help page to see how to use the new API.

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