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natea 16 years ago link

Thanks to your support, we have reached our goal and are working hard to get the 1.1 beta release out. Thanks!

natea 16 years ago link

The Plone4ArtistsVideo 1.1b1 files have been uploaded and are available for download. Please try it out and give us feedback on the p4a-user mailing list [1] and report any bugs to the tracker [2].

[1]… [2]…

Ben 16 years ago * link

Hi natea, good stuff! Just wondering if you want to make an estimate on your progress bar, now that you’ve released the product (looks like a 100%er!). That way pledgers will be able to vote, and presuming they’re happy, you’ll be paid out. :-)

Also, you’ll need to upload your release files to microPledge as well, just so the progress payment is linked to files on microPledge. All the best!

Update: Thanks, I see you’ve done that now, cool. :-)

Berwyn 16 years ago link

Natea, microPledge sent out an email to us pledgers that you didn’t finish this in time, but it looks like you’ve uploaded the product to the downloads page. What do you have to complete before you think you’re done? Do you want to quote again and finish the job – or if you are finished, do you want to mark it finished?

natea 16 years ago link

Berwyn - we released 1.1 beta already but we didn’t want to mark it 100% complete until we released 1.1 final. We’ve been working to get the final released which includes fixing a few critical bugs, but we weren’t able to complete it by the date. We would like to continue with the work and collect the remaining funds once it’s completed.

Berwyn 16 years ago link

Sounds great. Why don’t you go ahead an quote for the completion, then?

natea 16 years ago link

Since we didn’t get the 1.1 final release out in time, I had to re-quote for the project, but it wouldn’t let me quote for anything less than $2,021.

We’ve already received $1,264, so we’re looking to receive the remaining $756 upon posting of the 1.1 final release files.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Ben 16 years ago link

Commenting here just for the record: Sorry about the hassle with the Nathan’s re-quote, guys. It has all gone through now, and he should be posting his 100% release for you to vote on very soon. When you accept his estimate, he’ll be paid out the remainder of the pledges. :-)

natea 16 years ago link

Ok, the 1.1 final release files have been uploaded here and to and and the Python cheeseshop. Please download, try it out and report any issues you find to the tracker.

thanks everyone for contributing to make this release possible! Nate

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