A website where people upload a song, add a visulisation then put it on to YouTube

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YouMusic is an amazing business opportunity that everyone will want to get involved in. Millions of songs are uploaded to YouTube and similar video sharing sites. Problem is, they are normal made in Windows Movie Maker with just the text appearing on screen. The idea I have is for people to upload a song to the website. Then they chose a visualisation and any other effects they want to ad, then they simply upload to YouTube etc. And the advertising opportunities for this are enormous. I hope everyone is interest and look forward to your comments. I am looking for pledges and am going to crowdsouce the whole projects. Pledges will results in a share in the company (this will be worked out at the end) when i have finished collects. The money will go towards hosting, development and marketing.

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BigDAS 16 years ago link

Sounds like an excellent idea. I’ve created many videos and uploaded them to Youtube, but as I am also a music composer, I’ve often wished that there are similar site for audio files only. I’m willing to invest in this project, but it won’t be until next month when I will be able to send it in. Look for it then. Good luck!

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