Simple tool for web developers using dual-monitor setup.

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13 Aug
19 Feb
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woid has completed this project.

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This tool will help web devolopers who are creating their web sites locally. Little utility will watch filesystem events and when there is a change made to the web site related file, it forces current page to be reloaded. By reloading I mean AJAX kind of reloading to suppress page blinking.

This tool will be productivity boost for developers who use dual-monitor setup. First screen with editor/IDE (css, html, php, rb, …) and second screen with web browser displaying a current page. It effectively turns web browser into automatic previewer of your work. Maybe you already use Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug to modify page on the fly, but syncing sources back to your IDE is pain. This tool makes it no pain.

  • no more F5 madness
  • CTRL+S makes the magic
  • editor/IDE independent
  • almost zero configuration (just specify your web project folder)

Home page: xrefresh.com

Project page: code.google.com/p/xrefresh

Ohloh: www.ohloh.net/projects/10775?p…

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One comment

woid 16 years ago link

According to Ohloh you guys have saved $1,777,486 by today.

It doesn’t sound like a micro-pledge. Enjoy the tool! :-)

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