Online expense tracking/budgeting/analysis service that uses web services to track webspending.

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I spend over a grand a year on Amazon on books, CDs, DVDs etc. I also sell about the same amount via the Amazon marketplace etc. My idea is to create an application/web service that grabs all that data via Amazon’s web services and presents it to me so I can keep track of my spending, income and “position” with Amazon and budget for what I want to spend. alert me to overspends etc.

Over time, as other webEarning/webSpending sites provide web service accessibility to data, they could also could be added to the application - sites like PayPal, Apple iTunes etc. In other words an aggregator of web service feeds of webEarning/Spending data.

Too many personal finance systems, even the latest “cool” ones, are focused on paying regular household bills and managing “bank” accounts rather than controlling discretionary spending and impulse buying and managing “webspending” accounts. They depend on downloading bank and credit card statements rather than leveraging web services and aggregating webspending/earning data that way.

FYI - I am an accounting software “expert” and previously co-led to beta a web services broker hub project for Navision Software - a company subsequently acquired by Microsoft.

Hey Big WebSpenders - let’s really get financial management into the web 2.0 world!

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