Web App Sound Mastering (will share profit)

Software that masters the sound from web apps. Option to share profits with pledgers!

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Many websites have advertisements w/ sound, there are many websites with background music as well. Being in the music industry (to a certain degree) gives you an “ear” for things. Going from podcast to podcast, you notice that a sound mastering program is definitely needed. No one ever stopped to think that we may be wearing headphones, or we might be in a place where loud noise is unacceptable. To say that the sudden loud noise while websurfing can be displeasing is an understatement. What can we use as a mediator between websites and our ears without constantly (and manually) adjusting the sound? I’m not sure if this product has been created. But if not, let’s do it.

Software should keep the sound at a chosen level so the websurfer is able to toggle between different devices, websites, or podcasts while the sound remains at the same level. I would prefer that it work on all major platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X. Also, it should work with different browsers. Doesn’t matter much how it’s done specifically, it just needs to be as cross-compatible as possible.

Willing to share a percentage of the profits with anyone who pledges here. That way you stand to make a decent return or recoupment. This needs to be crowdfunded through all stages. Meaning: the pledges pay for the development (of product, name, brand), marketing, and other etceteras it may take to get this product to the masses. Any new ideas and improvements are most certainly welcome. It’s for your profit or recoup, too!


Louis; Podcast Administrator Playaphiplaya.net

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Berwyn 17 years ago link

Unless you quote to develop it yourself, you will not own the product, and you will not get the profits. So you can’t share them unless you quote.

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