Virtuemart Shopper Group Extension

Finish the Virtuemart Shopper Group Extension hack started by Daniel Josson on the VM forums

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15 Oct
12 Nov
the developer is waiting for pledges

Developer Info

Daniel.Jonsson is developing this project for $1000 over 4 weeks.

Project Info

License is open-source.

1 person is pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

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joomla virtuemart

Project details

This project was started to generate money to encourage Daniel to finish his Shopper Group Extension hack currently posted on… See the forum thread for more details.

Current Description: This hack will change how the shopper group works in Virtuemart. Products can now be displayed on shopper group base. The category menu will be shorten if there isn’t any products in the category.

This project is under development, so not all functions are active and it hasn’t been tested enough. So use it at your own risk. I have uploaded all the files I changed and removed the old code to clean up the thread.


  • Shopper group control of viewable products
  • Shopper group control of buyable products
  • Shopper group control of searchable products
  • Shopper group controlled payment modules
  • Shopper group controlled shipping modules
  • Shopper group controlled terms of service
  • Shopper group controlled minimum buy value
  • Shopper group controlled free shipping amount
  • Shopper group controlled street price
  • Shopper group controlled product discount
  • Fixes to some of the original files connected to everything
  • Updated to support Virtuemart v1.0.15.
  • Optimization of some SQL questions for increased speed.
  • Much much more, since the hack is 800kB big and still in beta testing.

Some of the changes might screw up some of your modules since changes has been done to both menus, shipping methods, payment methods and also to tables. If there is any problem just contact me and I might be able to help you with problems connected to this hack.

Going to be added:

  • CVS upload support
  • Fixes for DIBS payment module to work with this patch.

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