Downloads files with a unique URL that are updated regularly (i.e. pdf, pictures).

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This Firefox plugin checks at a specific URL and in a defined period of time if the file has been updated. It then downloads the new version of the file, notifies the user or sends it to a specified e-mail-address. Advantage: User don’t have to check Websites on updated versions.

It needs:

  • easy user interface to specify URL and time period, action what to do when updated (download folder, e-mail-address, smtp-server, notification)
  • growl notification integration (Mac)
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Dauerbaustelle 16 years ago link

Hi, does that have to be an Firefox plugin? I could write a standalone application.

What is growl? For 30 USD I’d try to include it, for 20 I’d write without that thing.

alt230 16 years ago link

Hi, Growl is a notification feature for Mac OS X > growl.info FF plugins are easy to integrate. RSS-output might be ok too :-) Let’s start without growl first…

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