Universal stock photo bulk uploader

Desktop app that allows amateur and pro photographers to bulk upload images to major stock sites.

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rnc000 is developing this project as a donations-only project.

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License is open-source.

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desktop image images photo photography photos stock stockphotos uploader

Project details

Main features for this application:

  • desktop-based
  • import images from common databases, formats and other digital asset management applications
  • let users easily select, search and annotate images
  • bulk upload selected images to major microstock photography websites like Fotolia, LuckyOliver, SXC, Google Base.

More details and features at http://wiki.imgseek.net/

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Ben 17 years ago link

Sweet-looking project. Hey, just thinking – for a donations-only project I’m just thinking you’ll probably want to link to a website with downloads, to show people your progress.

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