Subversion Adapter for Rhapsody

Getting Rhapsody and Subversion to work together.

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13 Nov
22 Jan
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Go4it is developing this project for $7777 over 2 months.

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License is closed-source.

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add-on plugin software tool uml version-control

Project details

An integration between the Telelogic Rhapsody UML modelling tool, and the Subversion version control tool. The integration enables full version control of model units from within the Rhapsody environment.

Subversion is free and widely used. A Rhapsody-Subversion integration lowers the total cost of ownership of the Rhapsody toolchain. Apparent from the Rhapsody customer community, simplistic attempts to integrate with Subversion do not suffice (further details upon request).

This proposal builds upon the experience of developing a substantial and successful integration that was used on a multi-user, multi-site Rhapsody project. Delivering the proposal entails development afresh and functional enhancement.

The proposal targets the latest versions of the Rhapsody and Subversion tools in the first instance. Full user documentation and an install package would be provided.

Subversion: Subversion is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community. The software is released under an Apache/BSD-style open source license.

Rhapsody: “Rhapsody is the leading embedded Systems and Software UML modeling tool.”

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2 comments (oldest first)

shine 17 years ago link

Sounds really useful, and Telelogic don’t have a solution. But how about making it open source?

Go4it 17 years ago link

Thanks for the vote and the pledge, Shine.

Open source was considered alongside closed source and the proprietary model. You have prompted me to consider:

  • open source the Subversion adaption layer
  • make the Rhapsody layer proprietary.

Why? To empower the user community to forwardly maintain the Subversion part of the integration, and encourage a commensurate contribution by Telelogic. Further, it will allow open source projects for integrating Rhapsody with other version control tools (e.g. CVS).

If there’s agreement, I could resubmit this as a master project with two sub-projects.

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