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Stock Market data capture and analysis web based application.

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I’m looking to get development started on a web based Stock Market analysis application ideally using Ruby on Rails. This should be developed in a modular sense enabling additional technical analysis tools to be added with relative ease.

The key areas of functionality are:

  • End of day quote data storage
  • Technical Analysis capabilities
  • Backtesting ability - save test criteria and results for future reference
  • Trading System development and analysis
  • Portfolio Management for open positions
  • Ability to incorporate sector indicies into trading strategies ie - apply TA indicators to indicies
  • Facility to capture / analyse option trading strategies
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3 comments (oldest first)

rnc000 17 years ago link
  • Where is data coming from?
  • Why RoR?
  • Is it a hosted software or a host-it-yourself?
  • Have you taken a look at some existing projects ?
thatguynz 17 years ago link
  • Initial thoughts is to utilise the Yahoo API to retrieve data from them however there is no reason why the data retrieval function can’t be modular enough via a degree of provider abstraction to cater to other data sources
  • Why RoR? - because I like it, understand the Ruby language and would prefer to support the RoR community
  • Either or - for my personal use I will be hosting it locally but with the completely open source license other users are free to use it how they would like. In short, I am not looking to host it and charge subscription fees if that helps.
  • I’ve had a look at a significant number of like projects and found that none of them really hit the mark for what I am looking for - many of them deliver superb part-functionality but not the whole picture.
noone 17 years ago link

Ah, yeah - It would be good if you detailed some products that have X that you like and are missing Y, because there are alot of very highly developed systems out there and as far as I can tell your short bullet list of features would involve thousands of programmer hours - for instance “Trading System development and analysis” I am pretty sure that is a a semi infinite amount of hours right there. EliteTrader, NinjaTrader obviously 10s of thousands of programmer hours and if they don’t “hit the mark” then I am concerned about how many hours to do something that will.

I would recommend reading/contacting as Joel has thought, studied and prototyped alot of code for a desktop trading system that he was working on for the Mac with many of the features you mention.

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