Residential Private Sales New Zealand

A website just for buyers and sellers who want to buy and sell privately without using agents

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I am looking for setting up a website for sellers who want to sell their house privately and buyers who want to buy house privately.

This website will consist processes, systems and forms for both buyers and sellers to ensure all bases are covered. It will also consist of knowledge base in all areas related to house buying, home loans, rennovations, etc.

Please feel free to ask me questions.

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Ben 17 years ago link

I think more tools for private sellers is a great idea, but just wondering … TradeMe Property allows private sellers to do this already, and they’re very popular. Do you plan to compete by focussing on the “knowledge base” side of things?

dineshkaku 17 years ago link

Hi Ben Thanks for your comment, I have gone through trade me property but its so difficult sometimes to search for only properties been sold privately and as you rightly mentioned there are no tools or process explaining the flow for buying and selling property privately. No Knowledge base and standard formats for agreements.

I would like to create this website for that target market and it would be like DYI site for property seekers and sellers.

Revenue stream would be from advertisements mainly from banks and than at later stages it would be from referrals to lawyers and building inspection. And when the critical mass is reached it would be from listings but as far as possible I would like to keep the site free for users.

Let me know your views…. Thanks

Ben 17 years ago link

Yeah, I can see some advantages there: directly targetting the private market, helpful selling info, free (TradeMe costs $149 now). Be interested to see how it goes. Could be a cool, and big, project. :-)

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