A small web app for manipulating images with URL queries

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solex is developing this project for $500 over 2 weeks.

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The goal of this project is to provide uniform web access method to make image previews, thumbnails and even enhancements with URL queries.


The usage is straightforward. You upload some picture to the server, where it is stored in its original form. Then you can get modified image with corresponding url.

Original photo: www .example. com/images/my_photo.jpg

Same, but scaled to size 640x480px and in PNG format: www. example. com/images/640x480/my_photo.png

Same, but cropped and in grayscale: www. example. com/images/640x480/my_photo.png?method=crop&mode=grayscale

And so on…

  • It can be very usefull for implementing various AJAX techniques
  • Processed images can be cached to speed up later use.
  • Possible options (sizes, methods etc.) can be limited by server.
  • URL’s can be protected from cross-site referencing.
  • Project won’t be focusing on nifty upload interface - just standard file upload form for testing.
  • A product will be written in Python and rely on WSGI (so it should be easy to deploy on virtually any server).
  • See also related project [cliche] (http://micropledge.com/projects/cliche/)

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