Easy publishing of audio files to your Plone-based website, and publishing that audio as a podcast.

$510 pledged, USD
The money stays yours till progress is made.

Project progress

The pledgers and developers have agreed that the project is 90% complete.

If you pledge to this project you’ll get to download new releases and vote on how much you think they’re worth.

2 Mar
7 Dec

Developer Info

natea is developing this project for $2000 total over 9 months.

Go to the developer’s website.

Project Info

License is open-source.

7 people are pledging, and $180 of the pledges have been paid.

Project Tags

audio media mp3 multimedia p4a plone plone4artists plone4artistsaudio podcast podcasting python wma zope

Project details

Plone4ArtistsAudio is designed to make it easy to add audio files to your Plone site. It uses Plones built-in File content type and extends it to support audio files in the MP3, Windows Media, Real and Ogg file formats.

There are views for audio listing, album view and individual audio views, with embedded Flash players, a jukebox popup player and a podcast feed which your site visitors can subscribe to. All metadata is extracted from the audio file including the cover art image. The ID3 metadata can be edited within the Plone interface.

We are starting this pledge to raise money to support the further development of this product, and in particular to make it compatible with Plone 3.0.

See a screencast of Plone4ArtistsAudio here:

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2 comments (oldest first)

johnkennedy 16 years ago link

Plone 3.0 compatibility would be very useful.


natea 16 years ago link

Thanks to Jonathan Lewis and the Center for the Study of Peace and Reconciliation at Hitotsubashi University ( for a generous pledge, we are now able to release a Plone4ArtistsAudio 1.1b1 which brings Plone 3.x compatibility!

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