Plone recurring events

Add events to Plone which occur more than once with the same details and on a regular basis.

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natea is developing this project for $5000 over 2 months.

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License is open-source.

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Project details

This project aims to make it possible to add an event that is recurring, meaning that it occurs more than once. This is currently not possible in Plone - the only way to do it is to duplicate the event by a copy-paste operation. We propose to implement recurring events within Plone.

Much of this work has already been completed by Lennart Regebro as documented in PLIP #158 and on his blog but there are still much refactoring, UI work and tests that need to be completed before it’s ready for public use.

The work outlined in the 6.5 days is as follows:

Recurring events:

  • Finishing up the events: 1 day.

  • iCalendar support for recurring events: 2 days. The Marshalling hack is ugly and limited to Plone Events, so it’s not pluggable and doesn’t support the event extensions like recurrence and extra location info.

  • A replacement for the calendar portlet that supports recurring events. 0.5 days.

New event schema:

  • Using archetypes.schemaextender to completely revamp the ATEvent schema into two or more pages that make some sort of sense from a usability perspective. (1 day)

Dateable 1.0:

  • Replacing the rest of p4a.calendar. (1 day)

  • Better tests (1 day)

  • The recurrence support above

We are planning to do the bulk of this work during the Plone Calendaring Sprint which is taking place April 28-May 4 in Boston, MA.

You can support the development of recurring events by making a pledge here, or if you want to support the sprint itself, we have a set up a sponsors page where your company/organization can make a donation.

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2 comments (oldest first)

lupazurven 16 years ago link

A great, worthy and long long long overdue project. My very best wishes to all (I wish I could come sprint in Boston too).

andrewmcnnz 16 years ago link

Can I put in a request here to consider first/last/third XXXday of the week type recurrence specifications., and also ‘every wednesday’ type specifications. These are very typically the sort of recurrences that appear in the real world, but many CMS solutions ignore them, and claim they have recurrent events on the basis of a fixed day number of each month, and often no other type of recurrence.

Actually if anyone has a reference to a good existing web interface to these specifications I’d be interested to hear about it.

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