PayPal Pro module for VirtueMart

Develop PayPal Pro USA module for VirtueMart shopping cart

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The pledgers and developers have agreed that the project has been completed.

You can download the finished product, and you can still pledge to the project (effectively a donation to the developer).

22 Nov
30 Dec
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scottux has completed this project.

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License is open-source.

19 people are pledging, and $346 of the pledges have been paid.

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joomla paypal virtuemart

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Develop PayPal Pro USA module for VirtueMart shopping cart, it has to comply with PayPal guide lines.

Info can be found at the PayPal integration center.

See also the support thread on the VirtueMart forums.

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scottux 16 years ago link

xoxo, That is correct, your Paypal merchant account has to be US based, but you can accept payments from Spain. I am sorry that this won’t work for you. As soon as Paypal allows other merchant countries - I will definitely be making modules for them.

xoxo 16 years ago link

Hello Scottux,

Thanks for your answer and interest. I have test your module in my usa shop and the error is “merchant country not valid”.

I have tested in the spanish shop, and the quantity always is passed in dollars, not euros. If this could be modified, would be great…



andrevmarques 16 years ago link

Hello Scottux !

I didn’t understand !

So, What’s now ?

What’s gonna happen with the Project ?

Let’s go foward ! What’s the next step to get this Module done ?

Thanks for answer me !

amirataha 16 years ago link

Thanks.Keep the good work :)

scottux 16 years ago link

Sorry guys, I had strep throat and then before I had a chance to recover fully, I got sent out of town for work. The only thing I am waiting on to move forward is a bug with the 1.1 version. Then some last minute testing and correcting. I am taking my laptop with me to Indiana for the holidays and will be working on finishing this up while I am there. I was worried that I was going to get pulled from the project, but it seems like I am still good to go on with it. I hope to be done for Christmas.

andrevmarques 16 years ago link

Mr. Scottux,

Don’t stop buddy…go foward buddy !

You have our pledge…..Don’t worry….Go Foward !

That’s very important for a lot of people !

Andre from New Jersey !
Take Care !

ivytony 16 years ago link

how to install this paypal pro module?


ivytony 16 years ago link

I have installed this module on my VM 1.0.3a but I have problem making it work correctly.

First, I don’t know how to show the paypal express checkout button on the check out page, please teach me how.

Second, I now can charge credit card on my website directly, but the order status remains pending after successful payment. I wonder if I need to modify the code in notify.php (public_html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/notify.php) so that my VM can be notified by paypal of the successful payment and update the order status to ‘confirmed’.

I need your help so badly, because I have an online store to launch as soon as possible. Please help! Thank you!!

scottux 16 years ago link

Between the holidays and working 13 hour shifts, I haven’t had time enough to do much of anything.

In VM 1.0, you have to upload the shop.cart.php file In VM 1.1, the code has been separated, so you have to upload the shop.cart.php.tpl file.

Both files contain the same chunk of code for the Express Checkout button.

I haven’t had a problem with the status being changed, there is still some more testing that needs to be done.

I will upload a fully complete version with instructions for both VM versions as soon as I can. My job is really hectic.

ivytony 16 years ago link

thanks for the fast reply!

just wanted to let you know that express checkout button doesn’t work well for me who is using Joomla 1.0.13 and VM 1.0.13a. I followed your instruction to upload the shop.cart.php to the corresponding directory.

After I click on the express checkout button, I am redirected to paypal and asked to log in. But when I click ‘continue’, I am brought back to my site with the error message shown ‘Checkout There was an error connecting to Paypal!’

For successful credit card payment through paypal pro account, the order status still remains pending.

Thank you for your support and reply again! I really appreciate it.

Take care and happy new year!

cdiltz 16 years ago link

I’m trying to get this to work with GoDaddy hosting. Does anyone know off-hand what values I should be putting in for the proxy server or port? Right now when I go to check out it takes a while and then I get a blank page. Any ideas on the values or how to debug what’s happening (maybe get an error message)?

hdg 16 years ago * link

cdiltz: Check the error_log if you get a white screen.

I have a problem myself. A sandbox account works, but with a live account I get this on the final step:


Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (ps_paypal_wpp)**

For some reason it’s not showing the first error, any ideas? Can’t figure out the problem without an error message.

cdiltz 16 years ago * link

hdg, thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately it sounds like you’re a step ahead of me so I can’t help you much.

Here are the errors I’m seeing in error_log:

PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant PP_WPP_EMAIL - assumed ‘PP_WPP_EMAIL’ in …/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/ps_paypal_wpp.php on line 310 PHP Notice: Undefined variable: order_number in …/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/paypal_lib/ps_paypal_wpp.functions.php on line 492 PHP Notice: Undefined index: tax_total in …/html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/paypal_lib/ps_paypal_wpp.functions.php on line 498 PHP Notice: Undefined variable: product_tax in /…/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment/paypal_lib/ps_paypal_wpp.functions.php on line 613

Any ideas?

hdg 16 years ago link

cdiltz: Did you remember to set the config options for the module? That is where you set the email.

ivytony 16 years ago link

I noticed that the snapshot picture of the configuration tab of this module shown here… is different than what I have downloaded from above. Is this the reason why the module doesn’t work for me? where is the developer? thanks

scottux 16 years ago link

The snapshot was from earlier in development. I haven’t been able to test the proxy settings thoroughly because I have had no use for them. Please send me any info about the problems you are having and any error messages. I will work with you to sort it out.

I am still working on this module to make it as good as it can be, we should start a support thread in the virtuemart forum or something.

aravot 16 years ago * link
ivytony 16 years ago link

This project is not completed at all, as it is not working for almost everyone who wants to use it. Take at look at this thread at VM forums…

Ben 16 years ago link

Hi ivytony, note that all the pledgers as a group voted that scottux was done, so he was paid by microPledge. Probably the people that have got the module working simply haven’t posted questions.

I can’t answer for scottux, but note that he is quite busy, yet he has offered to help those having trouble.

I must admit, it does seem a tad on-the-nose to expect commercial-quality support from a product you’ve got for $1 … :-) Perhaps for such an inexpensive product you could help resolve some of the issues you and others are having, and post how-tos (or patches if necessary) to the forum. That’s often how open source projects work.

yofightit 16 years ago link

Please guide me, why I am getting this. It is successfully working on my server, and transactions are been sent to my paypal id. However, problem is that I donot receive any billing/shipping address alongwith transaction details. Please suggest, if I am missing something. I need this urgently, as I am not getting any addresses with transactions

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