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Create an open source non profit membership platform with a plugin architecture.

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There is no single solution that can efficiently and simply handle the day to day needs of a small to large non profit membership organization. Solutions are either very limiting or very expensive.

The solutions base would consist of four core components:

  • Membership (basic user info, as well as additional field management)
  • E-commerce component to help with signups, renewals, event registration, donations etc. (should work with major CC processors and alternat funding sources such as Paypal,, etc.
  • Event system
  • Simple Reporting for the top three core components.

The plug-in architecture should allow developers to harness tags, functions, etc. to build out modules that extend the core functionality. Ideas may include:

  • An event calendar widget (visual)
  • A more advanced event registration for conferences, workshops etc.
  • A printing center to allow, PDF flyers of events, name tags, table cards, etc.
  • Social Network plugin to allow members, to mingle.
  • Job engine that works with the membership and ecommerce core.
  • Website widgets that can put content on the non profits site regarless of design.

This would allow a core software deployment the ability to manage any non profit and enhance it with additional modules.

Similar to OS Commerce.

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