An implementation of a GoodEasy environment working from a pendrive on Windows, Linux and OS X.

$5015 contributed, $15 held in trust
The money stays yours till progress is made.

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The project has already been 0% completed, but the developer has stalled the development.

You need to come to an agreement with the developer. You may just need to pledge more money.

The project’s comments may contain more information.

10 Oct
26 Nov
the developer is waiting for pledges

Developer Info

omnipath is developing this project for $5015 total over 12 months.

The previous developer of this project was samba.

Project Info

License is open-source.

2 people are pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

Project Tags

browser calendar editor email filemanager goodeasy im

Project details

An implementation of an environment that provides: file management, web browsing, basic text editing, address book, email, calendaring and instant messaging from a pendrive on all major platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X.

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pdamoc 17 years ago link

Berwyn, My hesitation is mainly about requirements understanding (this could be easily misunderstood) and also… where I live this money could be stretched to pay the bills for about a year (if living frugal) and I’m having serious thoughts about quiting my current job and using resources I gathered to throw myself at this.

However, if samba really understands my requirements and he/she still thinks this could be seriously started (I’m not sufficiently naive to think this could be finished with $5k) I’m willing to transfer the money.

pdamoc 17 years ago * link

Until I come up with some more specific details… What I would like as the final application is something like the Pareto principle applied to software… I only want those 20% of features that get used 80% of the time.

I know different people use different 20% :) but some of that 20% is common to all.

Berwyn 17 years ago link

Hi Samba, please give us some idea of what you think this project will look like to encourage pdamoc to place his pledge in trust.

We pledgers are waiting for something to happen.

omnipath 17 years ago link

Seriously, what is going on with this project?

pdamoc 17 years ago link

I’m still waiting for some one with a shred of a plan.

omnipath 17 years ago link

See, this is why I hate Reverse auctions. Of course, this could just be because I bid on this project and was undercut by $500 and 9 months. I talked to you about this project on Reddit, pdamoc, and I still believe I can do it. Though I stand by my original bid. I seriously doubt that a project with these requirements can be done within 3 months of decent quality.

pdamoc 17 years ago link

omnipath… could your provide here a little more information about how will you approach this?

omnipath 17 years ago link

Well, the tools I’d be using would be Python, wxWidgets, sqlite, and twisted. Using py2exe and py2app so that the Python interperter is will not be needed for this program to run. Right now, I think it’ll be easier to make one big application, that has the 6-7 functions you want, to make sure cutting and pasting happens in a standard way across each OS. As well as whatever else functions to be decided in the future. Is this the information you wanted to know? Anything else you wanted to know?

pdamoc 17 years ago link

From a toolset point of view this all the information I need. I must add, I’m very happy with your choices since python is the only programming language I feel comfortable with.

Have you read the GoodEasy article? What would be the first in your opinion a first set of minimal functionality for the system. The bare minimal.

Your estimate of 9 months is still optimistic in my view. I don’t expect it to be finished in 3 months BUT I do expect to be implemented enough of the functionality to make this project real, to build up at least some momentum, to demonstrate that this is not a joke. :)-

omnipath 17 years ago link

No, my estimate was originally 12 months. I was undercut by 9 months by samba. And yes, I read the GoodEasy essay. I understand what it’s trying to say. In the roughest terms, it suggests we should try to get away from the office paradigm on the computer and try to place more emphasis on taking a computer’s abililty.

Simple cutting, pasting, and piping text, should be the bare minimal ability from application to application.

pdamoc 17 years ago link

A small update: In theory I should be able to do something about the financing later this week and maybe then we’ll start changing the world :)

One small technical question to omnipath. Since you already selected python and wxpython, have you seen Trellis?…

This project sounds immensely promising.

killerstorm 16 years ago link

guys, how are you going to implement browseh in python, or am i missing something?

won’t it be easier to start with firefox, and add rest of functionality into it via XUL + Javascript?

pdamoc 16 years ago link

in browser implementation is out of the question. :) Too fragile IMHO.

Update on the financial: The bank announced me that the card will be available next Monday, maybe Tuesday so it looks like the upload will be early next week :)

omnipath 16 years ago link

Take your time on the financial part. I should have more solid plans to post this weekend, so we all can have a time line of how the project with proceed. Milestones.

killerstorm 16 years ago * link

“in browser” doesn’t mean HTML webapp. XUL/JavaScript is quite solid platform, not less solid than Python/whatever. but you can also have browser with it for free..

pdamoc 16 years ago link

omnipath… any news on those plans?

omnipath 16 years ago link

Right now, I’m working on making sure that the modules, and all the extra stuff that this project will need can be compiled and self-containing on all three platforms, using py2app and (hopefully) py2exe, since they are based off of one another.

By the way, how do I put code/plans up so that others can see? Do I put it up on Sourceforge or what?

pdamoc 16 years ago link

yes, sourceforge is fine, is fine too.

As I said, I would like the project to be open source. Preferably using wxPython license.

Berwyn 16 years ago * link

Hi Omnipath. You can put code up in the downloads page page right here on microPledge, and plans can also be uploaded as files or can go straight in the project description. But if you want to put them on SourceForge, that’s fine too. But you’d best link them from this microPledge project. Cheers.

calebgray 16 years ago link

I’d like to better understand this project. If I’m understanding the description correctly, all that’s desired for this project are three folders with many sub-folders containing applications on a pendrive…

Windows: - A43 for file management. - Firefox for web browsing. - Notepad2 for basic text editing. - Thunderbird for email, address book, and calendar. - Pidgin for instant messaging.

Linux: - Xfe - Firefox - Eddie - Thunderbird - Pidgin

OS X: - Xfile - Firefox - Eddie - Thunderbird - Pidgin

If I’m mistaken, and what you’re actually looking for is more of a multi-platform virtualization solution, something like Qemu which can run standalone on Windows, Linux, and Mac is possible also.

In any case, please further your explanation of what you’re looking for or programmers like myself will have no possible way of properly quoting you.

Sincerely, Caleb Gray

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