Port the MiKTeX package manager GUI to GNU/Linux.

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The project has already been 60% completed, but the developer has stalled the development.

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13 Feb
9 Mar
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Developer Info

csc is developing this project for $3000 total over 13 months.

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Project Info

License is open-source.

24 people are pledging, and $253.15 of the pledges have been paid.

Project Tags

gui miktex package-manager qt

Project details

The MiKTeX package manager GUI is currently only available for Windows. It allows users to

  • browse the package database
  • search for packages (using keywords or file names)
  • install/uninstall packages

The GUI is currently written in MFC. The goal is to rewrite the GUI in Qt, thus porting the MiKTeX package manager GUI to GNU/Linux.

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4 comments (oldest first)

hamaryns 16 years ago link

Specifically, I’d like support for 64 bit Linux. But thanks already!

hamaryns 16 years ago link

Hm, this is becoming less necessary now that TeXlive 2008 has its own package manager.

abstract 16 years ago link

Thanks for all you work Christian .

armando 16 years ago link

Thanks and go ahead with porting to Linux.

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