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The microPledge new features page indicates “pledge now, pay later” was a recently added feature. (I don’t know how it worked before.) I agree it is probably a good idea. But on the other hand, developers can be skeptical that everyone will pay when pledges are called in, and so not take the displayed pledge amount too seriously.

So it would be nice if microPledge project pages would also display the amount of “covered” pledges, that is the amount that is backed by the balance in pledgers microPledge accounts, which would go immediately into trust if the project started.

This would give pledgers the option of demonstrating more serious interest, without costing any more money in the end if the project completes.

The same money in the pledger’s account could cover multiple pledges, multiplying its influence. If one of these projects starts, then the pledger would need to add to their balance if they want to again cover the rest of their pledges. This would work especially well with the flexible multiple pledges idea.

(I will pledge to this project if the flexible multiple pledges project is completed.)

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