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Keyboard shortcut takes screenshot and uploads it to or similar free image site.

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Currently I hit Command-Shift-3 on my Mac to take a screenshot to the desktop. I often upload these to the web to share with friends or paste into IRC.

The plugin might add an alt or similar to that shortcut. On taking, it would upload to or a similar free non-login image hosting site. It would then put the url for the full image into my clipboard.

This would save eons of time for Mac users everywhere. Explaining something to a friend in IM? Apple-Alt-Shift-5, back into IM, paste and you’re done.

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ed 17 years ago link

Hey John,

I’d love to see my uploader supported by this app. Ping me if you’d be interested in working together to design an appropriate API to make your job a little easier!

emcmanus -at-


Best, Ed

talios 17 years ago link

Have you seen - new free software for windows/mac that does screenshots/screencasting easily with automated uploading to (the software and hosting is from the same company - makers of Camtasia).

dkasyion 17 years ago link

You might want to check out skitch (from

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