List Tab 2.0

New version of List Tab plugin for Joomla Community Builder

$545 contributed, $335 held in trust

Project progress

The pledgers and developers have agreed that the project has been completed.

You can download the finished product, and you can still pledge to the project (effectively a donation to the developer).

28 Nov
24 Feb
project completed

Developer Info

mronkko has completed this project.

Go to the developer’s website.

Project Info

License is open-source.

11 people are pledging, and $335 of the pledges have been paid.

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Project details

This project is already implemented, and donations go towards releasing it.

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9 comments (oldest first)

mronkko 16 years ago link

This software is ready and waiting for sponsoring, after which it will be released.

Berwyn 16 years ago link

In that case, could you post some screenshots to the downloads page as evidence? More of a description would also help.

If you’ve finished it, you probably also want to unstall the project and place an estimate. Unstalling will also call in any pledges not yet held in trust.

mronkko 16 years ago link

More information about this software can be found at…


eSwami 16 years ago link

When will this project release? Looks like the target has been achieved.

Berwyn 16 years ago * link

The author, mronkko, is waiting for the pledgers to place their pledges into trust.

mronkko 16 years ago link

I accidentally uploaded a wrong file earlier. The new file is the correct one.


brichardson 16 years ago link

What’s going on? This is supposed to be completed; yet, I still pledged my money… went to the downloads, and got the following:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” ?> - AccessDenied Request has expired 2008-04-10T18:05:45Z 2008-04-10T06:06:22Z 01010F81D8333651 igQ9rrSqrDMGw25zc4aJr0nVl/ftAf23MUEXQg9201ySQ1/6CHe5e7waTD/3yUf+

Berwyn 16 years ago link

Hi brichardson,

We had a wee glitch with the time on our microPledge server this morning. I suspect this had something to do with the error you got. It works for me. Can you try again now and let me know?

eSwami 16 years ago link

Mikko has abandoned this project. If you are looking for this plugin, I working on getting everyone together and get a professional fix the plugin for us. If you are interested, please reply in the JoomlaPolis thread below…

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