K9 webfilter for linux

Should be available for all distro. Prooth of concept could be done on ubuntu

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content control filter k9 linux parental protection web

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I would like to encourage developers to make for linux a webfilter like K9 web protection which would be powered by bluecoat database. I should be as powerful as the windows version.

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eric.duveau 16 years ago * link


  • final product should be free of charge for users, yet donation will be possible
  • developper(s) may have to sign an agreement with Bluecoat to get the API to their database
  • real time monitoring, real time email alert would a plus (currently not available on mswindows)
vacne4c 16 years ago link

Another feature that I would like to see is emailed logs of usage. Maybe just blocked sites so the admin can keep an eye on false positives, as well as where the users are going.

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