IrfanPaint is the drawing plug-in for IrfanView, a popular image viewer.

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MItaly is developing this project as a donations-only project.

Go to the developer’s website.

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License is closed-source.

1 person has contributed a total of $5.

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Project details

IrfanPaint is the drawing plug-in for IrfanView; it’s written in C++ and it uses mainly the Windows APIs to carry out its work. At the moment it features the following tools:

  • Arrow
  • Paintbrush
  • Eraser
  • Clone tool
  • Replace color tool
  • Text tool
  • Line
  • Arrow-line
  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Floodfill
  • Picker
  • Straighten tool.

Actually I finished my work on the points I wrote before and I’m relaxing for some time.

In future I’d like to add some other features:

  • anti-alias;
  • transparency (for brushes);
  • spray tool.
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Berwyn 17 years ago link

My donation goes to the “add text” function.

slamidtfyn 17 years ago * link

Add text:

In Irfanview 4.00 create a selection with the mouse and press Ctrl-T

Ben 17 years ago link

Hi MItaly, looks like a good project. I don’t suppose you’d consider using the nice-looking “donate” widget instead of or as well as the PayPal donate button on your IrfanPaint web page?

Here’s what it looks like (you can make it link to here):

IrfanPaint widget

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