Indie Internet Radio

An internet radio where users upload the music to be played.

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An internet radio that is controlled by it’s users. A nice clean interface and a no-brainer to use. User’s upload music to be played and it will be played.

The software will check if it is an indie music. If it’s indie, it’ll be added to the indie channel, if it’s not it’ll be added to the commercial radio channel. It should be a ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licensed radio.

The main aim of the site is to allow independent artists to get there music out into the world and to allow people to find new songs and bands they like

If the queue for music to be played goes over 1 hour, the radio station will create another channel automatically.

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One comment

laseredd 16 years ago * link

I pulled out because I am not eligible for the licenses.

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