HardWall Firewall is a very extensive IPTables Firewall Script

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HardWall Firewall is an iptables firewall script that provides port forwarding, packet filtering, stateful packet inspection, port redirection, masquerading, SNAT, DNAT, NAT, and bridging. It functions as both a workstation firewall and an IP forwarding firewall.

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hard__ware 17 years ago link

The Project is almost Complete …

Wish List:

1) Complete Re-Write of the Main Script

2) Develop HTTP / PHP Front End

3a) Build FreeSwan to suite HwFirewall Configuration

3b) Add IPSec Options to Web Interface

4) Build Mini Linux Distro based on Centos / RHEL [Current] /w HardWall Firewall Built-In

5) Build a static version of BusyBox for use with HwFirewall So it can be used on Routers like Linksys & Netgear.

6) Package the lot as a Solution when bundled with a Network Appliance —> http://www.tyan.com/product_network_detail.aspx?pid=7

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