Gift Certificates for Virtuemart

Enables store owners to offer and receive gift certificates using Virtuemart (Joomla Component).

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Purchase of Certificate

  • Customers can buy gift certificates on website
  • Customers can specify amount (required), recipient’s name (optional), recipient’s email address (optional), personal note (optional).
  • Customers use checkout as provided by Virtuemart.
  • Once payment is confirmed, customer can view and print gift certificate from order history.
  • Once payment is confirmed and if customer choose to provide recipient’s email address, recipient will receive the gift certificate via email.

Redemption of Gift Certificate

  • Customer can choose “Redeem Gift Certificate” as a form of payment.
  • If purchase amount is smaller than available Gift Certificate amount, customer will be informed about the remaining amount during check-out process.
  • If purchase amount is greater than available Gift Certificate amount, customer will be asked for an additional payment option to pay the remaining amount.
  • Once the payment is complete, the order status will switch to the setting of choice.


  • Option to create a product as a gift certificate
  • Option to declare the currency of available gift certificates
  • Option to specify the available amounts (for example 5, 10, 25, 50, 100)
  • Unique Gift certificate codes are created during the order process using random letters and numbers (without characters that could be misinterpreted - like O, 0, I, 1, l, ….) and stored in a table with the purchased amount.
  • Each created gift certificate code will serve like a bank account.
  • Each gift certificate code will have a history (creation date, creation time, modification date, modification time, available amount, related order numbers, buyers id, …)
  • If purchase amount is smaller than available Gift Certificate amount, purchase amount is deducted of the available amount.
  • The system will provide an option to stop users from buying gift certificates with a gift certificate.
  • Admins will receive an email (showing ip, user id, order number) if a user is trying to use invalid gift certificate codes.
  • Option to change the order status label after payment is received.
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aravot 16 years ago link

Something similar for VirtueMart is available, see

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