Firebug for IE

Firebug like developer tool/plugin for Internet Explorer.

$180 pledged, USD
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The project has already been 0% completed, but the developer has stalled the development.

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11 Dec
11 Mar
the developer is waiting for pledges

Developer Info

jfrabaute is developing this project for $10000 over 3 months.

Go to the developer’s website.

Project Info

License is open-source.

10 people are pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

Project Tags

explorer firebug ie internet

Project details

A Firebug port or like product for Internet Explorer. See for comparable.

The project would basically be the same thing functionally but for Internet Explorer instead. Firebug is a wonderful program and makes web app development significantly easier with its inline html, css, and javascript editing, debugging, breakpoints, and profiling.

Internet Explorer has nothing that even comes close to this functionally and usably. There are javascript based ports of Firebug, but the are very limited in what you can debug with them since it does not have the same access to the browser and DOM that a plugin would.

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7 comments (oldest first)

theburgerking 17 years ago * link

This is quite good:… But everything can be improved …

gregthe1 17 years ago link

Make sure this tool addresses IE6 (IE 5.5 if possible too). Those be the trouble browsers. 17 years ago link

vote to address IE HELL (7.0 transitional, 6.0, 5.5)

pannous 17 years ago link

This seems nontrivial. I would calculate 50-100 days =>10000$ minimum 17 years ago link is the closest thing. i’d pay for him to keep going. in fact, i can.

jfrabaute 17 years ago * link


DebugBar and [Companion.JS] ( are under active development to port similar firebug features to IE !

DOM inspector, HTPP inspector, css styles, js error detailled.

No yet as great as firebug, but improving on every version :-D

I can already tell you there is a lot of work to develop a tool like firebug under IE…

My proposition is : I get the project as a developer, make is close-source, and people post features as sub-projects, so I can develop them on new releases.


babylon2233 16 years ago link

IE8 will come out with this feature. Check out wikipedia article about IE8.

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