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Wanted: A utility that will let me access my old Outlook2007 archives + current Entourage mailbox

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I have moved from Vista to OSX and Outlook to Entourage. My problem is that I have a lot of historical email archives (>10G) in Outlook that I still want to be able to have access to while in OSX. Right now I have to boot up Parallels and go back into Vista to do an extensive search. I can’t import the files into Entourage as the mailbox would get too large (plus Entourage doesn’t recognize the files, but I can get around that by reimporting them into Outlook2007 which shares the same Exchange Server).

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saeedsiddiki 17 years ago link

love this idea but would think somehow just like the .mbox format there can be a black box built on both platforms which would take the .pst nightmare and convert it to basic mbox format or any other open source file format. Sub small applications exist but nothing like the one you are proposing…good luck!

betabrain 16 years ago link

I am not sure if I got you right, but these are the things you want to do (in this order).

  • Start the Email Search Utility
  • Import Outlook and(?) Entourage Archives
  • Find Messages
  • Export the Found Messages as Files (e.g. msg1.eml)
  • Drag & Drop them into Outlook or Entourage

Please correct me if I am wrong.

wweisman 16 years ago link

Sorry about the slow response. So what I’d like to do, and am flexible about how it gets done, is make my old Outlook 2007 archives search-able in Leopard. I can get them into OSX but can’t figure out how to access them while in Entourage or how to use another utility that will let me search this historical data. Thanks.

maxtucker 16 years ago link

importing all of the mail into a hosted archiving solution will let all of your users search on their historical email using a web browser. They can also recover messages back to the mail client. A great company for this is globalrelay.com

betabrain 16 years ago * link

Maybe the following link could help: http://blog.entourage.mvps…

wweisman 16 years ago link

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m on a Macintel, so unfortunately can’t use that workaround.

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