Drag and Scroll on the Browser

Scroll around a large image in your browser just like the little hand in Adobe reader does

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Why can’t an internet browser let me drag a big picture around (scroll) with a little hand (like Acrobat with a PDF) to scroll around? Maybe make a firefox extension to allow this? Or allow this type of scrolling on any webpage for that matter.

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vor0nwe 17 years ago link

Aren’t you just looking for http://grabanddrag.mozdev.org/?

gregthe1 17 years ago * link

Indeed, that works perfectly. Thanks a bunch!

gregthe1 17 years ago link

Micropledge, can I close this? Maybe you should add a way to close a project by saying it already exists and entering and URI to that software?

Ben 17 years ago link

Greg, that’s probably a good idea – I’ve added it to our “nice features to have” list.

In the meantime, it’s not ideal, but … if you sign up to “get paid to develop this project”, after the 14-day quoting period you’ll be able to start “developing” and put in a 100% estimate so the project is marked as completed. You could also add an Update: … to the project details with the URL.

BTW, I notice one of the project tags is “abobe”. :-)

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