A small web app for generating text blocks in different fonts (as images)

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The goal of this project is to ease the creation of beautifull headings, blockquotes and related typographic stuff that require specific fonts. Such fonts aren’t usually exist on client computers, so you should provide an image instead. Manual creation of such images can be quite difficult and repetitive, so this app is to resque.


You simply point browser to specific URL, which contains font family, size, text itself and possibly several other options and receive an image with desired text block, rendered as image, provided that corresponding font is installed on the server.

Then you can embed it into your page like this:

< img src=”example. com/cliche/Garamond/16pt/Breaking%20news” / >

Or include to your CSS code like this:

h1 { background-image: url( }

  • Only TTF support is planned for first release
  • Non-latin URL-encoded text is also possible
  • Processed images can be cached to speed up later use.
  • Possible options (sizes, fonts etc.) can be limited by server.
  • URL’s can be protected from cross-site referencing.
  • A product will be written in Python and rely on WSGI (so it should be easy to deploy on virtually any server).
  • See also related project [QueryThumb] (

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