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canvas art shopping system! turn an image into a piece of art!

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I’m looking for a boxed canvas art shopping system. like but cooler.

it must have:

  • shopping cart system
  • gallery (structured gallery directory and be easy for us to add new images)
  • can buy from gallery
  • user image upload -> select size -> preview -> add to cart
  • user stores, users can create their own stores to sell their own art. (get 10%) own stores will be found at and images will go in the gallery too.
  • HTML add to cart code, so users can put “buy this art” buttons on their own sites.
  • email confirmation when an order goes through

  • php imagemagic code to convert a .jpg into a “boxed art canvas style preview”

  • simple easy, clean design, almost web 2.0 style, friendly feel like this site!

  • all code in php, payments through (I have this part written)

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