Advanced Combat Tracker is an encounter parser for EverQuest2.

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$650 donated, USD

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olofpurm is developing this project as a donations-only project.

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License is non-software.

9 people have contributed a total of $650.

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Advanced Combat Tracker features:

  • Real-time parsing/graphing
  • Track an entire raid of combatants
  • Offline parsing via clipboard or archived logs
  • Analyze combat in overview or in complete breakdowns
  • Table configuration to show as much or little detail as needed
  • Easy to get started, with enough underlying options for advanced users
  • Minimize program to a mini-parser to save screen space
  • Report views for easier analysis of certain data
  • Export customized encounter overviews to clipboard, where you can paste into game chat
  • View customized encounter tables and graphs inside of EQ2 fullscreen
  • Export these tables via FTP to web hosting(or use the Web Interface) allowing others to see them without running ACT
  • Export all viewable data to HTML/XML files
  • Configurable automatic AE timers. (Timers Window)
  • Log file support for localized servers. (German and Russian)
  • Support for the Logitech G15 Keyboard LCD Display
  • Text to Speech(SAPI5) support
  • ODBC(MySQL/Access/MSSQL) Database support
  • Timelines and Graphical encounter replays

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