WP 'Top Categories' Plugin or Script

I’m after a PHP WordPress script that will list the top five categories on a WordPress blog.

$15 contributed, USD

Project progress

The pledgers and developers have agreed that the project has been completed.

You can download the finished product, and you can still pledge to the project (effectively a donation to the developer).

3 Sep
13 Sep
project completed

Developer Info

slamidtfyn has completed this project.

Go to the developer’s website.

Project Info

License is open-source.

2 people are pledging, and $15 of the pledges have been paid.

Project Tags

blog categories php plugin wordpress

Project details

I need a PHP script / plugin that will, quite simply, list the top five categories on a WordPress blog.

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Ben 13 years ago link

Hi Neil, looks good, but just wondering if you want to upload a screenshot with an example of show_top_categories() output. Thanks!

slamidtfyn 13 years ago link

I’m not Neil :-)

But anyway I have uploaded an image. The plugin is running live at my website in the bottom of the side bar (sorry page is not in english) http://soerenlarsen.dk

microPledge 13 years ago link

Ah, so you’re not – I looked in the wrong place. Sorry, Soren (yes, unicode support coming soon :-).

Anyway, that looks sweet – thanks.

Ben 13 years ago link

(Previous comment was by Ben. Sorry. :-)

Neil 13 years ago link

Well done slamidtyfn - I actually managed to cobble one together myself - but I do now have another project for a customised ‘Recent Posts’ script…

slamidtfyn 13 years ago link

Hi Neil,

Is it a project you are working on privately or a project here at micropledge?

slamidtfyn 13 years ago link

Here is a manual page for the WP Top Categories Plugin. The page will be updated when the plugin is updated:


slamidtfyn 13 years ago link

If someone want a updated version for Wordpress 2.3 please pledge min $1 more

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