tikidav for OOo2

Make Tikidav work with OpenOffice 2.x and handle special chars in Tiki category names

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cms freesoftware groupware lgpl mod tikiwiki webdav

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Add the ability in “Tikidav Mod” (an extension for Tikiwiki CMS/Groupware enabling webdav access to its resources) to:

  • work also with OpenOffice.org 2.x (currently, only OOo1.x)
  • allow category-names with accents and special characters

when browsing content in Tikiwiki CMS/Grouwpare http://tikiwiki.org. Tiki categoriy names are used as directories o browse their content through Tikidav)

More information on current Tikidav Mod: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Mod+tikidav

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