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Develop the most accurate game simulation available for a tracked-vehicle like a tank.

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jbrownson 13 years ago link

Very impressive video. I’d be very interested in a game based on this.

Ben 13 years ago link

mazarax, someone on reddit asked, ‘so, what license is it going to be released under? I’m very reluctant to put any money up if it just says “open source”.’

Any idea which OSI license you might use?

mazarax 13 years ago link

Like my previous game, Stormbaan Coureur, the source code will be released using the GPL.

dekki 13 years ago link

You should open sourceforge pages for your old and new game. With phpbb it will be much easier for the community to communicate with each other and you.

mazarax 13 years ago link

Good idea. But what name to use for registration? Maybe open it up with a work-title. My plan was to have the pledgers choose a name for the game. If anyone has ideas for a good name, drop it in these comments.

Vadim Peretokin 13 years ago link


Only thing I’d ask for is an easy .deb for Ubuntu to install

freegamer 13 years ago link

Where will it be hosted as a project?

Also what about game content? One of the big issues with Stormbaan Coureur is the lack of game content - as cool as the physics are there needs to be more than 1 level.

mazarax 13 years ago link

There is a list of potential hosting sites available. Of these, I am the most familiar with sourceforge.

If the howitzer game were to go multi player, it would rely less on levels than Stormbaan Coureur does. I would provide one level, and let the community make the others.

About multi player: split screen would be relatively easy, compared to a networked game. The latter has far more appeal though.

mazarax 13 years ago * link

Thanks guys, we are half-way. The project home page is now with sourceforge. Please visit the new home page for Howitzer Skirmish

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