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Simple small-business accounting software that’s well-designed and has a nice UI.

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17 Aug
17 Nov
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laseredd is developing this project for $300 over 3 months.

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License is open-source.

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All the accounting programs I’ve used either feel like bloatware or have very klunky user interfaces (not that I’m mentioning any names :-).

What I’d love is a program that’s clean, simple, and designed. It wouldn’t need too many features: just keep track of your account balances, create and send invoices, and do some basic tax calculations.

I was thinking of a desktop app, but these days it might be at least as good if written as a web app.

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dinther 13 years ago link

As a Google fan I do everything through Google. Email, spreadsheeds and documents. Soon they will have powerpoint stuff but I think anyone who would develop a good generic accounting package for small businesses based on Ajax and web-browsers will be onto a winner.

Ben 13 years ago link

Hey dinther – yeah, I agree: an Ajaxy web app might well be the way to go. Despite the fact that web apps should be more clunky than desktop apps, these days desktop apps are the ones lagging behind in terms of UI.

laseredd 13 years ago * link

How do you delete comments?

laseredd 12 years ago link

You would probably want a justification on my long proposed development time.

I will probably get the basics of this project done in a time much less quicker than 15 months. But I think this project has a lot of scope, so I have given myself extra time so I can perfect it. I have also added 3 extra months, since I don’t know how busy I will be during this year.

A basic breakdown of how I plan to use my time is:

  • 2 Months - Planning and Prototyping
  • 2-10 Months - Coding, working on actual project
  • Rest of the time - Beta Launch, documentation, getting the domain and hosting, advertising etc.
laseredd 12 years ago * link

Would a web app count as closed-source on micropledge?

Bryan 12 years ago link

Hi laseredd, only the micropledge admins can delete comments currently. That’s because we don’t want people to get trigger-happy about deleting info that could be important later in the project’s development. I’ve just deleted your empty comments for you.

A web app would count as ‘open-source’ so long as you make the source code available. If the source code is not available, but the site is free for use, then it would count as ‘closed-source’. If you’re charging people to use it, it counts as ‘proprietary’.

Google apps would be quite cool, since you can then integrate it with other Google services. But I hope it’s quicker than some of Google’s apps!

laseredd 12 years ago * link

Cool, thanks for that bit of knowledge. I was considering using Google App Engine, but I don’t really know for sure if the data is safe inside Google’s BigTable database. And I’m pretty positive that small businesses would not want their accounting data on Google’s servers.

Because of that, I’ve decided to use and use WebFaction for the hosting. I’ve started working on it (I know I don’t know for sure if I’ll be the developer, but I can’t just sit there with all these ideas forming in my head and not do anything about it), and I’ve got the account balances in there and working.

It’s taken a lot quicker than I thought it would, which is why I’ve changed by quote.

Berwyn 12 years ago * link

You may wish to know about the Xero online accounting package

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