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A sheet music search engine that allows you to narrow the search down to piece, key & instrument.

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It is often difficult to find sheet music, whether it be free or not. A sheet music search engine where you could type in the instrument, name of the piece, and even have an option for key would save lots of time. Ideally if you choose the ‘free music’ option, it should only show free sheet music.

At the moment there are lots of sites out there with sheet music (free, and for sale) but the sites often look bad and are difficult to navigate. What normally happens is you’ll type in ‘Gershwin, Summertime’ and it will bring you to a bright yellow site with flashing lights where it takes you half an hour to find the piece the Google search engine picked up – only to find it’s not the complete piece, and it’s written for the triangle. :-)

If you want an example of what not to do, see It is busy, slow and not overly helpful.

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Patabugen 17 years ago link

I’m thinking of posting a quote but I have a couple of questions…

Where will the data to be searched come from, and what format is it in (and wanted in on the site in the end)? Would a shopping cart be needed to buy for sale music?

Ben 17 years ago link

Hi Patabugen. My wife started this project – we’re both into music and we’ve both found it hard to find sheet music when we want it. That’s the driver. It could be quite a big project … and I realise the project details are pretty unspecific about where the data will come from.

Ideas that come to mind:

  • Use a bot to farm and collate data from other sites.
  • Use some other offline database of sheet music, matching it up to online resources yourself or via your user base.
  • Entering it all by hand. Hopefully not this one. :-)

Ideally you’d need to be a “sheet music user” to appreciate the development of this project (are you into music?). Though not a requirement, of course.

Hope that helps a bit. :-)

Ben 17 years ago link

Replying to an email Patabugen sent me:

Just wondering if we could chat a ltitle more about the specifics. It’s one of my first decent sized (if you can call it that) so just wanted to be sure :)

Sure. The key thing for me is that it’d be very simple. Like Google – just one text box to enter your query into. (Or like DecentURL, my latest little side project.)

What I imagine is that you go there and type “pachelbel’s canon” or something, and it comes up with a clear list of sheet music. And it’d have versions in different keys and for different instruments, ideally with an image preview at a click. You could add “for:voice” or something to your search query to narrow it to a specific instrument type.

That’s just the big picture I have in mind. You’d probably want to start with a bit of research on how you’d collect the data … probably a web crawler that you give a list of good sheet music sites and get the data into a consistent form.

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