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3.0 aggregator news semantic social web

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semantic news aggregator site that “sucks up” thousands of rss feeds, news sites, blog and organizes them according to category. popularity of sites depends on how many “clicks” it gets through main website.

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3 comments (oldest first)

nomanic 16 years ago link

i wonder if this will ever get noticed, and if it does, anyone interested in idea please e-mail me at

Ben 16 years ago link

Hi nomanic. Unfortunately microPledge doesn’t act as an advertiser for projects. Sometimes they’ll be listed on the front page, and sometimes people will search for them, but that’s about all the site does in terms of publicity. We encourage people to do publicity themselves: posting a request for pledges/support on relevant forums (without spamming :-), blogging about it, etc. All the best with it, and thanks for using microPledge!

fractality 16 years ago link

The project does not seem to be very well specified. I don’t understand the exact idea (what algorithms?).

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