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Integrate Micropledge with Rubyforge.

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  • have a donation button on Rubyforge that communicates with Micropledge
  • have a link to submit request for enhancements on Micropledge
  • when funding ideas, have the RSS feed being displayed on the project page in Rubyforge
  • have a link from Rubyforge to Micropledge
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Berwyn 13 years ago * link

These are great ideas, but can you clarify a few things? I’m guessing that you’re asking for modifications to Rubyforge here, not mods to microPledge.

By the specific points, I’m guessing you mean this:

  • widgets, maybe specific Rubyforge ones. I’m guessing this is asking for a link on Rubyforge to the microPledge widgets that this project implements.

  • is this something on Rubyforge that adds to your microPledge project details or submits a comment on microPledge automatically from there?

  • do you mean link the microPledge project page RSS feed on the Rubyforge project page? – at the moment there is an RSS feed on Rubyforge pages, but it’s just a global Rubyforge feed with general guff

  • just a link to your microPledge project page on your Rubyforge project page, I guess

toulmean 13 years ago * link

Hi Ben, thanks for your interest.

I do not work for Rubyforge and have been proposing those changes off the top of my head.

  • I think the project you mention should be enough. If the Micropledge team, the Rubyforge team, or someone in between feels like adding a ruby on the icon, it’s up to Micropledge to accept it. Does that sound right ? In that case, you or I might want to update the project description.

  • It all depends of what is possible. There is no hierarchy or relationships between projects. You might want to consider something like that first. Otherwise adding to the details of the projects would be a “better than nothing” option ?

  • Yes, this is clearly an improvement on the Rubyforge side. As long as Micropledge provides a RSS feed for the project comments, everything should be allright.

  • Yes. That’d be a duplicate with #1.

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