Usually music is taught with lines & spaces, names of notes, this gets one beat, blah, blah. No MO!

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children ear education game learn music teaching training

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teaching music with true ear training is easier and more fun than it’s ever been

Sequence learning music through a state-of-the-art curriculum. PhD music educator with tons of experience working to make things fun and simple for young and very young children.

I want to have help to develop a software game with animation, levels, voice (singing) interactive, qualify to continue, jump levels,

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Jabberwockey 12 years ago link

To give a proper quote you have to tell us a bit more of what you have in mind. “qualify to continue” - what does that mean? Will there be an instructor standing next to the machine or is the computer supposed to check how clean the voice is or how well the measure was hit?

What exactly do these levels include?

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