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Quote For Work is in concept form at present, hoping to launch early in 2008, We hope to let Residential & Business users place adverts for anything you like online. Once you register and set up an account you can also put a bid for the work. Here is an example.

Mrs X requires her garden to landscaped, she goes online, registers with Quote For Work places an advert then she waits for a response.

ABC Gardens are looking for work, go to Quote For Work register there details with us and get put through to all the possible listings that they could carry out work for. They see Mrs X requires garden work and send an e-mail to arrange to Quote For Work.

The person using the site pays a small fee to place an advert and the company or person looking for the work also pays a monthly subscription to see all the work online.

It’s something that isnt really being done in the US or Europe. I want to find some developers to create the site and require funds or help to do so.

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Maurice 13 years ago link

Hi Robfer,

Interesting concept. There are many concerns but one major one. I am concerned for clients and their safety. With online chat rooms, etc., society has proven that this set up can link stalkers and potential ill-doers. Before someone could sign up does the site perfomr background checks, etc. This could be a major issues for a lot of folks that might use this.

Just thoughts.

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