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I’ve already completed most of the work for this site about a year ago, but I’d really like to get it going. What I started is already up at www.quicklyrics.net . It needs a bit of re-coding to make it more corss browser happy. The final version will be very cross-browser and lack of Javascript happy.

It’s a lyrics site, which is fast loading, easy to use and not full of adverts. Exatly what every other lyrics site I’ve come accross is not!

It needs about another day’s work coding, then probably another day to fix up the unforseen problems. And then alot of data entry to get it going enough for people to start submtting them. I have a few people who have offered to do some data entry for me, for a few pence per song. So for about $10 I can get around 100 songs in.

Alternative to data entry, would be to spend a day or two (probably two!) creating a bot to automatically fill in the data.

More than cash for my development time any donations will go towards data entry, and the thought behind them will greatly help my motivation!

I would quite like to recognise those who do help get the project going on the site itself, but I’ll sort that out when the time comes!

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