QGIS Raster plugin

Write a plugin for QGIS that would make available raster processing operations from GUI.

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Project details

QGIS is becoming an ever more prominent open source GIS program. While it has a strong technical foundation (namely GDAL libraries) for doing various GIS tasks connected with rasters, it does not have any interface for exposing much of this functonality. The proposed project would make avilable the following functions and would permit easly doing them en masse - on directories or subdirectory trees without specifying individual files for each action. The plugin would also offer a simple multi-CPU support for these functions (by running many instances of the same gdal utility program, matched by the CPU count of the machine). The plugin would also work on most platforms supported by QGIS and GDAL, mainly UNIX likes and Windows NT likes.

Proposed functionality:

  • Conversion between most common raster formats supported by GDAL
  • Warping
  • Resampling/setting cell sizes with various resampling alghorithms
  • Mosaicking many rasters to one
  • Building pyramids (Arc/ERDAS syle, or GTiff internal)
  • Channell extraction from multiband rasters
  • Resizing of georeferenced images
  • Changing or assigning spatial reference systems (GTiff)
  • Erasing GeoTIFF headers
  • Cropping rasters against a vector layer mask

The resulting plugn would be made available from QGIS plugin repository (public) under the GPLv3 licence.

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