Project Alexandria: healbeam

The next campaign for Project Alexandria, made by Sixth Floor Labs.

$320 pledged, USD
Pledge now, pay later.

Project progress

The project has already been 0% completed, but the developer has stalled the development.

You need to come to an agreement with the developer. You may just need to pledge more money.

The project’s comments may contain more information.

6 Nov
6 Dec
the developer is waiting for pledges

Developer Info

glasserc is developing this project for $39960 over 4 weeks.

The previous developer of this project was glasserc.

Project Info

License is open-source.

14 people are pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

Project Tags

game gpl linux python sixthfloorlabs

Project details

This is the “healbeam campaign”, a set of 8 levels that tell the next chapter of the Project Alexandria story. These levels are mostly already developed, and even better than the training levels.

It includes two “songs” written by Ethan: “Sipping Hot Chocolate” and “Deadlines”. You also get sound effects and a batch of graphics made by Carl to fill out the campaign. You get the same standard of quality Sixth Floor Labs has shown in the training campaign.

Plus, you get to do your part in bringing high quality games to Linux!

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14 comments (oldest first)

glasserc 17 years ago link

It’s $40,000, less $40 that someone gave me in person a year ago.


danielhedblom 17 years ago link

This is a nice way of developing games. Hope it works out =)

silverwhims 17 years ago link

Good luck!

Union of Assassins 17 years ago link

Best of luck with your game - I look forward to more! - Assassin

jimminy_kriket 17 years ago * link

PEOPLE, DO NOT DONATE. THIS IS A JOKE. Ethan you should be ashamed for even trying to take FORTY [moderated] THOUSAND DOLLARS for this.

Site/screens for those who havent seen it.

glasserc 17 years ago link

In case you’re looking for the training levels, the first release is at… . Lots of people don’t like the retro style, I guess that’s a valid choice.


Ben 17 years ago * link

Hi guys, Ben from microPledge here. Just noting that the $40,000 pledge by “lamegame” is rather suspect. Since he made it, we’ve tightened things up so hopefully this sort of thing won’t happen again.

We’ll delete the pledge in a day or so, unless he happens to come back and put his money where his mouth is. :-)

Berwyn 17 years ago * link

Thanks for the link to the training levels. The screenshots may be retro, but the game-play … that’s pretty cool. Reminds me of the world’s first video game: PDP 1’s good ol’ Spacewar! - only considerably fancier.

Man, did you realize that back then people in suit and tie used to play computer games?

Ben 17 years ago link

Berwyn, despite being black-and-white, that “back then” photo you linked to was actually taken in May 2007. Apparently it’s Vint Cerf, “father of the internet”, playing Spacewar at an ICANN meeting.

Berwyn 17 years ago link

Ha! So it was. Well, I guess people still do!

Berwyn 17 years ago * link

Ok, the $40,000 pledge by lamegame was invalid and has been removed. We’ve taken steps against similar glitches in future and have also marked him as a suspect user and adjusted his privileges.

From the microPledge team.

Vadim Peretokin 17 years ago link

I’m interested in seeing this game out also too.

I do hope that you advertise it more - I just came across a post in about it, nowhere else.

Berwyn 16 years ago link

How do you make the training levels revert back to the start? I’ve done some of them but my son wants to start from the beginning now. Cheers.

glasserc 16 years ago link

Once you get to the “That’s all folks” screen, it ought to start from the beginning if you start it up again. If that doesn’t work, however, the file to delete is ~/.local/share/6fl/alexadria/levels. If you’re running Windows, ~ might be c:\Documents and Settings, c:\, or somewhere else entirely.


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