create product feeds for affiliate networks / shopping sites from just one feed!

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ProductFeedBurner will produce product feeds for all the major shopping comparison / affiliate network (Kelkoo,,,,,, amazon,,froogle) sites from just one merchant’s product feed.

helping merchants save time as they would only need to make one feed instead of lots of different ones. each network site seems to have its own format (csv,xml) and data feed structure / layout. this is very time consuming to make, even tho the data content is virtually the same.

it would be great if there was a service to do all this for you.

Merchants would pay a monthly fee to use this service ($30 - $40)

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slamidtfyn 16 years ago link

Hi there!,

I like your idea. But I have some questions:

  • Can you provide sample product feeds to the different shopping sites.
  • Do you want a full solution including merchant login and payments or only the productfeedburner application.

Regards Soeren Larsen

Stu 16 years ago link

Hi Soeren,

yep I have uploaded some sample feeds to the different shopping sites here:

it will probably need a merchant login, some shopping sites require their own categories to be used so it will need some kind of category mapping function / feed tweaker.

I can handle the payments side of things

all the best


slamidtfyn 16 years ago * link

I would like to add a comment to my quote.

I have looked at the different feed specs and I find this project possible, but it could be a problem to test it with all the different service providers. If the pledger(s) agree with this I suggest that the project will be delivered in small portions using the pay-as-you-go feature by micropledge.

Each portion will provide a ProductFeedBurner for one of the shopping sites.

UnderMine 16 years ago link

Very interested in this and I would be interested in a straight feed burner.

Have you looked at PopShops they handle 5 feed formats Merchants however their enterprise export in xml is limited to 100 items with no dynamic search API :(

I would suggest your first modules are the big affiliates (CJ, Linkshare, Performics, ShareASale, AffiliateWindow). Linkshare has ‘Linkshare Network’ and ‘Linkshare UK’ but I believe they use common formats.

Be aware of the size of some of these feeds (i.e. from CJ is 6M+ items or the iTunes from LinkShare with 6.5M items and are 3-4G each when uncompressed)

Missing from previous file and FYI Linkshare format

Hope it helps


webaholic 16 years ago link

Hey - as I see this isn’t going on very fast… Are you interested in this anymore?

What about a flexible solution - the admin of the burner can set mapping rules for each export-feed-format instead heaving a hardcoded mapping for each usage?

Flexible Category-Mapping with rules set by the Merchant himselfe - just like that one: [Input] ; [Kelkoo] ; [Froogle] ; [Pricerunner] Car Hifi ; Hifi ; [leave as is] ; HiFi -> Car

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