Port of Texy for python

Texy is text2html convertor written in php.

$50 contributed, $0 held in trust
The money stays yours till progress is made.

Project progress

The project has already been 0% completed, but the developer has stalled the development.

You need to come to an agreement with the developer. You may just need to pledge more money.

The project’s comments may contain more information.

12 Feb
27 Jul
the developer is waiting for pledges

Developer Info

zodman is developing this project for $50 over 5 months.

Go to the developer’s website.

The previous developer of this project was zodman.

Project Info

License is open-source.

1 person is pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

Project Tags

html php python typo

Project details

Texy is powerfull text2html convertor with light syntax and many typoghraphic features. It’s most used in Czech Republic.

It’s ported to Ruby and .NET but to python not yet.

Pledge is for full working copy of Texy 2 for python.

Info about Texy and source code: texy.info/en/

Code on google code: http://code.google.com/p/texy/


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