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Confidentiality agreement that anyone can understand and is very short.

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Is your NDA too long and complicated? Donate just $3 to download our plain English one.

When you want to share info with a business partner, common practice is to get them to sign a confidentiality agreement. But why does it always take half a day to wade through the legalese when you could have said it in English in half a page?

Here’s a sample: (Word version)

Because we hate it when people have to sign things they don’t have time to read and can hardly understand, we’ve worded this agreement so it can be understood by any English-speaking person. But our lawyers still had to approve it. For this reason, note that the words in quotation marks have a special meaning here.

Our company _ _ _ agrees to give you some confidential information about our product _ _ _ _ and how it works (“information”).

In exchange for receiving this information, your company (“we”) agree that:

  • The information will be given to us for the sole purpose of discussing a business relationship.
  • We will not reveal the information to anyone, unless the information we reveal is already in the public domain.

… snip (donate to get the rest) …

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